Coated White tiramisù Flavored Almond

Coated White tiramisù Flavored Almond

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Coated White tiramisù Flavored Almond

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Toasted almond coated in a layer of chocolate flavored tiramisù cake with a thin sugar covering. Almonds throughout history have played an important role in celebrating weddings or anniversaries. Hosts take part in handing out almonds to their guests in clusters of 5 signifying : fertility, heath, wealth, happiness, and longevity. Italy has been producing and perfecting almonds for centuries. Share these delicious imported treats from Maxtris with your guests. These delicious treats can also be served in a bowl. These candies feature a tiramisù flavor in addition to a high quality selected almond for a softer delicious taste. 1Kg. Packs available in a useful floor display. approximately 180 pieces.

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