Indoor/Outdoor Wood Fire Oven

Indoor/Outdoor Wood Fire Oven

500.00 LBS
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Indoor/Outdoor Wood Fire Oven

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Indoor/Outdoor Wood Fire Oven

Product Overview

This outdoor wood fired pizza oven made in Italy is perfect for the gourment chef. The uses for this oven are unlimited and will cook to perfection any foods normally prepared in an indoor oven, with the added bonus of imparting smoky flavors of natural timbers. Questions or additional information please contact us.

Product Features
  • Perfect for the gourmet experience
  • Fully assembled
  • Solid Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, Fire Brick/Marble Construction
  • Doors: Heat and Fire Proof Glass, Stainless Steel Frame with Secure Lock Handles
  • Temperature/Heating gauge
  • Adjustable Oven Flame and Oven Heat 
  • Free shipping within the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut). Shipping and handling fees is applied elsewhere within USA. Shipping to your curb.
  • Made in Italy
A. Oven Dimension and Weight

Heigth: 5.5'
Width: 36"
Depth: 36"
Total Weight: 500 Ibs

B. Oven contains 3 Compartments

1. Top - Oven
2. Middle - Fire
3. Bottom - Storage

1. Top Compartment - Oven
This is the oven area and the main component in this amazing wood fire oven.
- Height: 12"
- Width: 24"
- Depth: 27"
- Door: Heat and Fire Proof Glass, Stainless Steel Frame with Secure Lock Handle
- Stainless Steel Rack 
2. Middle Compartment - Fire/Barbeque Pit
This compartment is the fire with your woods to heat up the oven. In addition, it can also be use as a barbeque pit.
- Height: 15"
- Width: 24"
- Depth: 27"
- Door: Heat and Fire Proof Glass, Stainless Steel Frame with SecureLock Handle
- Stainless Steel Rack 
3. Bottom Compartment - Storage
This is a storage cabinet to store your woods and a food warmer for your cooked food.
- Height: 15"
- Width: 31"
- Depth: 30"
- Door with secure handle.

C. Material

1. Exterior
- Roof: Red Stainless Steel
- Front Exterior: Marble
- Side Exterior: Black Iron Cast
- Chimney: Attachable 3' stainless steel chimney stack 

2. Interior 
- Oven Compartment: Fire Brick Tiles
- Fire Compartment: Fire Brick Tiles

D. Accessories

- Pizza Peel
- 3 Cooking/Serving Aluminum Trays
- 2 Stainless Racks
- Cooking Instructions

E. Mobile

- 2 Strong Moveable Back Wheels
- Two Adustable Support Handle Bars use to lift and move the oven.
F. Electrical System

Electrical 12 Volt Transformer is not installed in this oven unit and this is only an option. It is require only if wish to turn on the inner light oven.

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