Italian 4Pc 18kt Gold Plated Bedroom Vanity Set #3000

Italian 4Pc 18kt Gold Plated Bedroom Vanity Set #3000

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Italian 4Pc 18kt Gold Plated Bedroom Vanity Set #3000

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Cherish the memory of any special occasion with this elegant, silver-plated vanity set.  This 4-piece set can be placed in a bathroom or infant’s room.  It can alse be given as a wedding present, anniversary gift, or to welcome the arrival of a new child. Call us. Comes With A Certificate Of Origin And Authenticity  Made in Italy Each piece is crafted  and designed with gold vine accents.  The set includes a crystal base, picture frame, miniature table for jewelry, and a base for a small bottle of perfume or water used for christening.              Crystals by Debora Carlucci are conceptualized, crafted, and fully manufactured by authentic Italian designers and craftsmen. Only the finest of materials are used in the making of these charming gift items. Some of the items in the collection are accented with 925 silver, lending an extra element of beauty. Browse the collection of picture frames, sculptures, and figurines in the Crystal by Debora Carlucci collection.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 20x6x3
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