Macrame Lace Pouch With Silver Rhinestone Chalice

Macrame Lace Pouch With Silver Rhinestone Chalice

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Macrame Lace Pouch With Silver Rhinestone Chalice

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Macramé lace pouch with silver rhinestone Chalice
This Macramé lace pouch is imported from Italy and is handmade according to the old tradition. This is exactly what you needed to decorate your party favors. Each Macramé is fully assembled and comes with a Silver rhinestone cross made in Italy and filled with 5 sugar coated almonds (confetti Crispo) representing the 5 Ingredients of Life which we celebrate for the Sacraments:

  1. Health
  2. Happiness
  3. Prosperity
  4. Fertility
  5. Wealth

This Macramé lace pouch can be presented as the favor in itself or used as part of your favors decoration, and they are perfect favor idea for  Communion, Baptism/Christening, Confirmation or any religious affair.

Italian Cone macramé Comes exactly as you see it in the picture, also we offer the choice to change ribbons, almonds, flowers, embellishments, add personalized Bigliettini tags and etc.. So if you need any modification for your occasion  please call us @  516.746.2130

Macramé lace pouch measure 3" x 5" H and Silver Cross measure 7/8" x 1 5/8" tall  and can be used as a charm, necklace and more.

Click here to view our large selection of personalized Bigliettini/tags Favor Decorating, Confetti/Almonds which will add a touch of Italy to any favor.  Remember presentation is utmost important for any favor packaging

for any customized ornaments please call us @  516.746.2130 or email us at

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