Wedding gift wrapping favor

Wedding gift wrapping favor

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Wedding gift wrapping favor

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Organza Tulle Wedding Favor decoration
When you receive a Gift/Favors, the first impression is the package. Here at la Favorita favors we use the best wrapping paper & decoration. Presentation is utmost important for all gift wrapping and our gift decorations will add a touch of Italy to any favors. This gift wrapping favor comes just the way you see it in the picture. Please click on the links bellow to see all your choices.

High Quality paper of your choice

Large Rose Almonds holder

Confetti/Almonds - Flavor choice

Personalized Bigliettiono/Tag of your choice

Satin ribbon - color choice

Click the links to view our large selection of personalized Bigliettini/tags Favor Decorating, Confetti/Almonds which will add a touch of Italy to any favor.  Remember presentation is utmost important for any favor packaging

For any customized ornaments please call us @  516.746.2130 or

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