Wise Owl Graduation Charms From Gifts By Fashioncraft

Wise Owl Graduation Charms From Gifts By Fashioncraft

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Wise Owl Graduation Charms From Gifts By Fashioncraft

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Gifts by Fashioncraft bring you a choice of four cute and fun wise old owls to celebrate your graduation day!

Enjoy your hard earned success with a cute little wise owl. They offer a meaningful graduation message and will make a delightful ornament to stand next to your diploma.

Made from poly resin, the owls are hand painted in wonderful tones of ivory and gold. The owls wear little black graduation caps with a huge red tassel and they hold different items, an apple, a book, a globe and a rolled up diploma. To finish off the wise look, they have a pair of reading glasses perched on their nose.

Beautifully presented in a display box in a deep burgundy or dark blue, each owl has his own rounded backdrop and platform. An inspirational message is written on the back of the box which will delight your clients looking for a gift for a special friend who has just graduated.

  • Each owl measures 2" x 1 1/4"
  • Packaging measures 4 1/2" x 3"
  • Stunning display stand adds visual appeal and accessibility for customers
  • Each owl stands in an open box on a platform
  • Offered in four different styles
  • Made from poly resin and hand painted in meticulous detail
  • Unique graduation themed message on the back of the box
  • Must be purchased in multiples of 12's
  • A stunning gift for a newly graduated friend!

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